rdiscount Deadlock !

rdiscount- is uninstallable on solaris

I wouldn't recommend doing that - it's not recommended, nor is it

Looking over the gitorious source, the config/environment.rb file
specifically requires that version. A quick scan of the rdiscount
source history shows that the most notable changes made between and 1.3.4 were moving up the underlying Discount version and
correcting the issue with funopen you've run into above. Just fix the
line in environment.rb and things should be fine.

--Matt Jones

sorry for late reply

I rebuild rdiscount after changing "s.version = ''" in
rdiscount.gemspec file.

this fooled gitorious while version check :wink:


Matt Jones wrote:

Is there some reason that you can't just fix the config.gem line in
Gitorious's environment.rb?

Seriously, the next developer on the project is going to be severely

--Matt Jones

yea, because in environment.rb its clearly mentioned

config.gem "rdiscount", :version => ""

but at the time of installing rdiscount it wants

version = ""

Matt Jones wrote:

Were you expecting something else? That's what the config.gem line
means. Changing it to:

config.gem 'rdiscount', :version => '>='

will work, as will

config.gem 'rdiscount', :version => '1.3.4'

--Matt Jones