'rake test' abends with just Test failures - real error thrown away


The Rails test engine contains otherwise flawless error handling. So, after being bedeviled by intermittent "Test failure" abnormal test terminations, I finally got around to --trace-ing the problem, and when I found it the clumsiness surprised me:

desc 'Test all units and functionals' task :test do   Rake::Task["test:units"].invoke rescue got_error = true   Rake::Task["test:functionals"].invoke rescue got_error = true

  if File.exist?("test/integration")     Rake::Task["test:integration"].invoke rescue got_error = true   end

  raise "Test failures" if got_error end

What that means is, if any test_ case fails, we see a healthy error message, but if the test rig itself fails, 'rescue got_error = true' will throw away the e.message and e.backtrace, and the raise "Test failures" will provide an irrelevant error message and backtrace.

I'm going to copy this task :test into my lib/tasks/project.rake file, and replace the error hiding with a real error handling block. Further, if the test rig itself has failed, I don't care to keep running any more tests, so I won't bother with the system that tolerates their faults.

Why was this method so clumsy, and hasn't anyone asked for an upgrade on it yet?

this has been fixed in rails 1.2.3 -Tim

dysinger wrote:

this has been fixed in rails 1.2.3 -Tim


And to think that just this morning I ran 'gem install -v=1.2.2 rails --include-dependencies', just to sync all my versions on all my computers... :wink: