Rake Problem w/ Postgresql 7.x on Debian Sarge

originally posted this on rForum list , but maybe some Postgres experts here can give me a quick pointer?




Hey folks,

I’m having a heck of a time trying to get Rails to talk to the

Postgresql installed on my debian box.

Here is the setup on my LayeredTech dedicated box:

Debian Sarge Postgresql 7.x Ruby 1.8.2 Rails 1.1.6 rForum latest (933) -----> this is where I’m getting the problem

postgres-pr gem (v 0.4.0) postgres gem (had compile probs so un-installed it)

here is what I have already done:

== created a forum database in PostgreSQL == create a user for it with password

== installed postgres and postgres-pr gems (got a few errors in the postgres install, but it claims the gem was “installed” but I de-activated it)

You must install gcc and the postgres dev packages to use the compiled gem.

===>>>> tried rake db:migrate which craps out with the following error:

rake aborted! FATAL C28000 MIDENT authentication failed for user “tingforum” Fauth.c L395 Rauth_failed

the full trace is located here: http://pastebin.com/773941

I keep getting authentication errors regardless of which postgres gem I use. I tried the pure ruby one just to test, and got the above error.

NOTE: I did fix the pg_hba.conf file for Postgres to accept cleartext or

MD5 hashes and it seems to work fine from the commandline (i can connect with the db via psql) The above test was run with ‘password’ as the method ie NO IDENT/SAMEUSER stuff in the conf file.

I’m at a loss, maybe someone can give a pointer?

What version of PostgreSQL is 7.x? There were major changes in that series and 7.4 or later is recommended. 7.2 and earlier are known not to work.