RailsManual.org (the PHP like searchable doc site) just updated to 1.2.1

Wanted to let you guys know that railsmanual.org just got updated with
the documentation for the latest versions of Rails: 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.


Tip: If you are a firefox user, you can add the bookmark under "Quick
Searches" (Command-B to see the side-bar, and it's at the bottom), and
map it to a keyword, or letter such as "r". This way you can load up a
new tab, Command-T, and type "r link_to" in the location bar and do an
instant search on the site. Here is the URL you can put "Location:"
field when creating the bookmark.


Just came across this plugin written by Gregoire Lejeune for Firefox as well.


nice work! handy to have all the versions available in one spot.


Railsmanual and the firefox plugin are great! Thanks for all who made this possible!!

Does anyone know if there a similar firefox plugin for the Ruby language, so you can add it as a search option?


fyi, i get a NoMethod error when clicking on the '+ (SummablePayment)'
link in the 1.2.1 manual on your site.


Thanks!! Now I am happy! :slight_smile:

What part of the site is slow?

I noticed that the single pages listing all the methods are, but that
is somewhat to be expected (due to implementation) as it lists the
thousands of methods within the entire framework.

Hmm, it does seem slow, are you using rails page caching at all? Or gzip compression? The original rails docs site (api.rubyonrails.org) is quite fast, despite loading thousands of methods. I know it’s in frames, but the frames containing the classes & methods load almost instantly. Of course, all pages are static HTML and not rendered by ruby in real-time.

Also, looked at the size of some of your pages compared to sizes on api.rubyonrails.org:




And I noticed you are including a lot of methods not included on api.rubyonrails.org. For instance, railsmanual.org lists 142 methods named “setup”. Most of them are setup methods for various Test::Unit suites in rails. api.rubyonrails.org doesn’t list these. Probably useful for a rails core developer, but not for a typical user of rails docs. Is railsmanual.org
ignoring the "nodoc"s?

I write all of this because I do want railsmanual.org to succeed and be a useful resource.

Another developer created something similar for ColdFusion which uses
Adobe's Livedocs. I like how you can search for functions or tags and
AJAX lists all of the available tags or functions while you type. It
is really fast and useful, and could be a used as an example for
RailsManual.org (for files, classes and methods).

See http://cfquickdocs.com