RailsEnvy.com Podcast & Video

Hey guys,

    Two quick things relevant to Rails programmers:

    Jason and I at RailsEnvy.com created a new weekly podcast to help
you keep up to date on the latest developments in the Ruby/Rails
world. http://www.RailsEnvy.com/podcast

    We just released a new video, "Ruby on Rails vs ColdFusion" for
those of you who came from that area of town, or need a good laugh.

    Have a great Wednesday!


:slight_smile: Loved the other spoof vids! DJ Ango was funny stuff. Thanks for the
link to the new video. I'll check it out when I'm out from under the
corporate anti-youtube firewall!

SurfControl, the web subsidiary of the RIAA.


The new video and podcasts are excellent, thanks guys!