RailsConf vs. My MacBook's Battery. ( Power Outlet Availability )

So my Macbook's battery sucks... and I'm thinking of grabbing a new
one, I'm curious how the availability of power outlets have been at
RailsConfs. For those who have gone before, was it hard to find an
outlet to plug into? Are they mindful of this?

I hope so.

Thanks in advance.

many powerbars in all conference rooms - and lots of people using.

wireless network was sketchy though - I ended up paying for a commercial service

have fun - can't attend this year - too much work. sigh.


You can almost always find an outlet. Both power and wi-fi are well supplied.


Rob Biedenharn http://agileconsultingllc.com

ANyone tried third party batteries for MacBook Pros? They any good?

if you take your apple ac adapter, please be courteous and also take
the extension cord that attaches to the brick. i know a lot of folks
who just plugged the brick in directly and ate up more than their fair
share of outlets that way; they didn't make friends; we beat them up
every evening on the way home; took their lunch money; made them sit
outside and play werewolf....

I suppose that dragging along a power strip might be a good thing,
unless of course there is a rule against it.