Rails3: search#result

Hi, I'm beginner of Rails in Korea.
I have a serious problem..

I wanna show the list of students filtered by options.

If I selected H1(high school 1), male, and English,
I wanna get the list of students who are H1, male, subject English.

But.. I couldn't..
"/search/result" screen just show 'nil' ..

Please help me!!!

  ++ index.html.erb

There are several things you should do.
1. Check the html of the page (View > Source or something similar in
the browser) and check that the html is what you expect.
2. Look in the log file (development.log assuming you are in
development mode) and check that the parameters are being passed in
the URL correctly.
3. Have a look at the Rails Guide on debugging which will give you
ideas on how to debug your code, in particular you can use ruby-debug
to break into the code and inspect the data.


that inspect won't do any good. You probably meant each
I have a feeling that your form is a bit messed up too - if (like your
case) your form isn't bound to an active model object then use
select_tag rather than trying to coerce the select helper into working
for you