[Rails3] routing , how to constraint the id ?

with a standard GET request defined as :

GET /remote_containers/:id/requestReady(.:format)
( :action=>"requestReady", :controller=>"remote_containers" )

I can process such request :

GET /remote_containers/1/requestReady?requestId=999999

but is it possible to write a match and constraint ?

in order to accept :

GET /acme/requestReady?requestId=999999 => /remote_containers/10/

/acme being rewritten as /remote_containers/10 ( the sender
doesn't know the :id )

thanks for your feedback

match 'acme/requestReady' => 'remote_containers#requestready', :defaults => {:id => 10}


match '/:sender/requestReady' => 'remote_containers#requestready', :via => :get

and process params[:sender] in your controller method


Thanks Tom

It seems the easiest way would be as per your feedback

reading in depth the doc ( and testing) I discover the power of
'advanced constraints' but sems to be a hammer for what I need to do..

thanks for your feedback