rails3 render partial with unobtrusive js

Some things seem like they will never be clear with Rails. It took me
half a day to figure out how to render a partial using unobtrusive js,
but it is not clear why it works and why it went through all the
singular plural stuff.

In the show view of a model, I wanted to display two related lists/
indexes (with a :remote => true link to load them). One of the items
has a controller, but I normally just create a partial to display the
list because all the features in the index view may not apply. The
other item does not have a controller and lives within its parent

the routes:
  resources :stages do
    resources :assessors, :only => [:index, :new, :create]
    member do
      get "import"
      get "applicants"

Applicants live only with stages and are dynamically created/updated.

Following the Railscast on unobtrusive JS and trying to turn it into
something that would load a partial, nothing seemed to work. I could
not access my _applicants.html.erb with js, it wanted it in the
assessors view. I finally got an error on the log that said, not only
does it want it in the assessors view directory, it wants it named
_assessor - even thought it is a list.

Same thing with the applicants. It would take the applicants.js.erb
file in the stages directory, but wanted a singular partial in the
applicants view - which I did not have.

The JS line is:

$("related").update("<%= escape_javascript(render(@applicants))%>");

The render call won't accept partial, file name or about anything else
I tried.

I know there is not a lot out there yet on rails3 and unobtrusive JS,
but if someone could enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.


Well, it even got worse, but I figured it out.

forgot about http://guides.rubyonrails.org/layouts_and_rendering.html

If there were 5 items in the list, the template would be rendered 5

I am not sure why I could not get render(:partial => "stages/
applicants") to work yesterday, must have been typo's or something,
but I got it to work today. I did have to use the view folder before
the partial name.