Rails Templates


I have a homepage divided in 5 blocks(css)

block 1 = model/controller 1
block 2 = model/controller 2
block 3 = model/controller 3
block 4 = model/controller 4

i want that this controller are available on my homepage/blocks...


that's a question or what?

Thorsten Mueller wrote:

that's a question or what?

Below part of my homepage(/). I just want the the show-view of
controller 1 placed in class="brag_a" and the index-view of controller 2
placed in class="brag_b"

<h3>Blok B: </h3>
      <div class="brag_a"><% content of controller 1 %></div>

<h3>Blok C: </h3>
      <div class="bra_b"><% content of controller 2 %></div>


<h3>Block B: </h3>
<%= render :view => 'show-view', :controller => 'controller1' %>


You're asking for what used to be components (now deprecated). You're better off refactoring this as a series of partials, helpers & filters.