Rails Social Networking

just a side note

I am looking for a joint venture (I have the product looking for a programmer)
and could go either with PHP or Ruby
In San Diego the PHP club web site - sdphp.net - has been dead for a year.
And I cannot find a San Diego PHP yahoo group

The San Diego Ruby site is not dead - sdruby.com -and I am going to their meeting
tonight to see if I can find someone. If not then I will try this group.
Funny the PHP group is dead, I guess they are all too busy working??
If any cross programmers that knows why let me know.


  1. As with #2 it depends on the competence you find. You might be
    better off searching for an individual or small group that is looking
    for a joint venture, with the compensation being their part in
    ownership of the final product. You’re more likely to get someone’s
    complete attention… and not have to pay them!