Rails Sever Crash


My rails app exposes REST SERVICES, when the server is down for any reason, server upgrade or a unexpected crash. The REST requests coming from the clients should be logged/captured so that we can insert the data after the server is running.

Any idea?

If the app is not running, what do you propose will listen for the REST requests and log them?

You'll need some type of app that runs when your rails app is down.


I really don’t understand what you need. If your Rails app can’t respond it is because there’s some problem in your server (apache, db, etc). It’s much better if you use a VIP in front of your infra and him will distribute the request. If anyone down, other take your place.

Just answer your question, you can create an healthcheck url. Then, another app (REST app) listen this and when your RAILS App come down, it make something (start a job; change a DNS, etc)


Andre Fonseca