Rails Select Helper

Dear All,

I m using the below select helper for my select helper which works fine.

<%=privilege. select :AC,Role.find(:all,:conditions => {:role_type =>
"AC"}).collect {|c| [ c.role_name, c.id ] },{},{:class => "txtbox"} %>

Its generates the below html...

<select name="privilege[AC]" id="privilege_AC" class="txtbox">
<option value="4">Trainees</option>
<option value="8">Test Group Role</option></select>

Is it possible to add title for the select options...
i need like below..is it possible to get this via rails select
<option value="4" title="Trainees>Trainees</option>
<option value="8" title="Test Group Role">Test Group Role</option>

Kindly give your suggestions and helps.

You want to lookup collection_select in the Rails API. It is a whole
lot easier for what you are trying to do.