Rails/Ruby Style Guideline?


I'm trying to have a Ruby (and Rails) style guide for me and possibly
for my team.

I have found the following resources so far.

* http://www.pathf.com/blogs/2008/10/elements-of-ruby-style/
* http://www.pathf.com/blogs/ruby-and-rails-style-guide/
* http://github.com/chneukirchen/styleguide/blob/5cb39d0935df6678ee0ab9036f5dd2056217e9a6/RUBY-STYLE
* http://github.com/samuraicoder/ruby-style-guide/tree/master


* Do you have your own style you stick to?
* Does your company have a style guideline?

I'm thinking that it may enhance the productivity for the team if
there's a good guideline agreed among team members.

Do you know any other attempts?

I looked RailsMaturityModel (RMM), but there is nothing like this.


You should look at http://blog.grayproductions.net/articles/do_i_need_these_parentheses