Rails Project Story [Weekly Tutorial Series]

Hi All,

Few days ago I announced a new tutorial "Rails Project Story" (url: http://www.ridaalbarazi.com/blog/2006/08/16/rails-project-story/) that tells the life story of a regualr web app and today I pulished the first part "Rails Project Story: 1.Getting Started" (url: http://www.ridaalbarazi.com/blog/2006/08/20/rails-project-story-1-getting-started/), it will come as a weekly series every Saturday or Sunday.. I hope you will like the idea, and please if you do, digg them both.

http://digg.com/programming/Rails_Project_Story_1_Getting_Started http://digg.com/programming/Rails_Project_Story

Cheers. Rida Al Barazi