Rails + Paperclip + IE: pictures disappear!


I'm a bit confused with the problem I discovered:
Some of the pictures I upload aren't displayed on IE. Some of them are
ok, some of them aren't. Yet, they are the same kind of pics and they
are side by side...

Everything works fine in chrome, safari and firefox.
The example is here: http://phdtalent.com/ (look at the footer)

If someone has an explanation, I'm eager to read :slight_smile:

Thanks in adance!

try removing all the styling and see if the images are visible. Other than a possible problem with styling the only thing i notice was that bandwidth appear to be low and IE is so crappy it could be timing out. if that is the case use javascript to delay the loading of the big flash in the middle .

by the way nice site! =D

Hi Radhames,

Thanks for your advice, I'll try this once I've a PC available, but
I'm not sure this is the perfect track: the same pics are always

I tried to access these with their URL without success, or more
precisely IE displays a cross. If ever I enter a bad URL (trying to
access a non existing pic) IE displays an error page, a completely
different behaviour...

So I'm stil lost!

By the way, we sure agree IE is crappy :wink:


I've found the pb...

IE is definitely crappy....

the pictures with problems weren't encoded in RGB (despite the jpg

Thanks to GIMP, I converted it, everything is fine now!