Rails new without test unit

When creating a new rails project (3.1.0.rc1) with no test unit
options, it still create test unit rake tasks.

rails new my_project --skip-test-unit

rails g :


Is this correct ??

Yes, it turns off test unit generators for your controllers and models but you can still access them through those helpers if you wish.

I agree that keeping its generators would be good in the majority case.
On the other hand, Im trying to build a base-app so I can start many projects based on that, some of these projects will be teaching new people how rails works and the concepts. And at this point, my company uses rspec, but new people keeps trying to use test_unit, since this is a very known name.

Is there a way I can remove those generators ??
Would worth doing a patch on Rails to add an extra option to not add those generators ?

I can work on that, if needed.

Everton Moreth