Rails Mentor Sought - Toronto/Hamilton Area

James Burrett wrote:

Hi James - did you find a mentor ? I am in the same boat - perhaps you
have some good references I could contact ?


On Oct 11 2007, 11:42 am, James Byrne <rails-mailing-l...@andreas-

Not really. I had one offer from a guy in Ottawa that wanted to try
tele-mentoring, but the negotiations sort of petered out. I have
attended a couple of Pragmatic Studios and had one session with a local

The courses were helpful but are not really what I needed when I posted
that original message. The consultant is a good guy but, again, not
exactly what I need/desire.

This forum/mailing list provides much of the assistance that I obtain,
albeit at little slower rate than what I desire. I am finding the
Pragmatic Alumni mailing list helpful as well.

Lack of peer consultation is one of the big drawbacks working as a sole
practitioner, but that circumstance is not likely to change so that I
must accommodate it as best as I can.