Rails Master Test Suite app_template

I've been working on getting Rails master tests to run. Unfortunately
they're failing right after the completion of the postgresql tests at
test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb as it cannot find app_template/config/
boot.rb. The tmp dir is empty so app_template doesn't exist. I
generated a new Rails 3 app entitled app_template and put it in the
tmp dir. Unfortunately the tmp dir is cleaned out when the test is run
so that didn't help. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


(in /Users/Remear/Programming/Ruby/railsplayground/vendor/rails/
./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:265:in `initialize': No such file or
directory - /Users/Remear/Programming/Ruby/railsplayground/vendor/
rails/railties/tmp/app_template/config/boot.rb (Errno::ENOENT)
  from ./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:265:in `open'
  from ./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:265
  from ./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:251:in `initialize'
  from ./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:251:in `new'
  from ./test/isolation/abstract_unit.rb:251
  from test/application/configuration_test.rb:1:in `require'
  from test/application/configuration_test.rb:1

Full console output for running all the Rails tests can be found at