Rails master generates deprecated method calls in config


I just got rails master working, and I’m writing down what currently isn’t working to get a clean new project generated.

The first thing that came up is the generated Gemfile needs some lovin’ tender and sweet.

I don’t know if having the Gemfile refer to branch: ‘3-2-stable’ is there for a particular reason, but it caught my attention. I was wondering why it was there if I used the --edge option when I generated the app.

The other thing I noticed immediately was that the config used the deprecated config.whiny_nils option. in config/environments/development.rb

The last thing is that something in active_record/dynamic_matchers.rb was breaking, but that isn’t something I’m worried about at the second.

Should I open a pull request or just leave it alone until someone else makes it as hugtastic as possible?


Things only improve if people submit pull requests!

I'm not sure that you're actually using master, though, if you're
getting a reference to 3-2-stable...


I removed the branch reference from the gemfile. At the moment, I have
a ref pointing to the latest passing build commit hash from travis.
I'll be brave and see if a pull request would help!


When generating a new app using a local checkout, you normally want to pass the --dev option.

I hadn't been using the local checkout, since I wasn't making any changes yet.