Rails homepage with backend?

I'm totally new in ror. I just absolved the tutorials in the screening
section. My two questions are:
1. Is it possible to create a ror-homepage with a admin-backend?
2. Is it also possible to create a complete frontend community?

I'll have some more closer looks at ror =)
see you!

Yes, both of these are possible with Rails.

Are there some tutorials for backends in RoR?

Benny wrote:

Are there some tutorials for backends in RoR?

Agile Web Development with Rails by Thomas and Hansson, 2nd edition is a
great book - not only for learning the framework but also has good
examples on how to do backens.


One thing to keep in mind is that it deals with Rails 1.2 and not Rails 2. So if you’re just starting with Rails, the AWDWR book is going to teach you bad habits and because you’re new to the framework, you’ll never know where and how Rails 2 differs from 1.2.

I believe The Rails Way does use Rails 2.

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Peter De Berdt

Yes, but it also assumes a basic familiarity with Rails, I doubt that
a Rails newbie would be able to get off the ground with it, kind of
like starting your first math class with Analytic Geometry before
taking Algebra.