Rails Framework Documentation - More Info, Please

Hey Brian, if you take another look at the AWDwRv2, it provides the
answer for you on page 484 of the PDF. You may also see usage on page
162 as well. Next, are you attempting to edit the password field? I
believe this is the case. Then you'll need to do the following:

:value => ""

Note: The option that you use for the password_field would be very
similar to the options that you would use within HTML.

Good luck,


Hey Brian, it's OK to experiment.


Your not alone Bryan.

At the moment we are all learning by experimentation and trial, which
is not really good enough.

The Rails framework is fantasic, the community is good and there are
plenty of gurus sharing their Ruby-foo, but the core documentation is
lacking; hence the Caboo.e effort

The real problem IMHO is a combination of rdoc and the actual
documentation. While rdocs format works, the navigation is cumbersome
and it lacks some of the other commands needed for rails development
(such as rake or generate). Personally, I need more examples to grasp
the options for many of the functions.

The best next step seems to be Ruby for Rails and/or something like
Rails Recipes or Ruby/Rails Cookbook. I found these resources to be
excellent ways to deepen my understanding of Ruby and Rails while also
picking up some interesting, time saving tricks.


Reading “Ruby For Rails” will help you understand why some of the things in Rails work the way they do. It’s a very worthwhile read.