Rails edit action getting too big

In my current rails application , there are multiple tabs for the edit action. All tabs go to the same action. For example if i modify some input field in one tab , all the tabs parameters go to edit action.I need to send only those modified. Is there any suggestion for this scenario

Can you be a bit more explicit in what you are looking for? Is the user allowed to enter data on multiple tabs and then submit it? If so then I don't see how it would be possible to have different actions. If there is a button on each tab then you can send each button to a different action, but then what happens if he changes data on one tab and then switches tabs.

If all you are worried about is that the edit action is becoming too long then just refactor it and call private methods of the controller to do the sub-actions dependant on what data has changed or even better, wherever possible, move logic into the model. Every time you write some code in a controller you should think whether it would be better to handle it in the model.