[rails_docs] Active Record Query Interface - Offset

There is a mistake in the following section:


=> Client.limit(5).offset(30)

does not generate what is told in the page, which is

=> SELECT * FROM clients LIMIT 5, 30

but instead, the following is generated and should be there (at least

=> SELECT * FROM clients LIMIT 5 OFFSET 30

By way, if not using OFFSET, the correct would be LIMIT 30, 5 and not
LIMIT 5, 30, anyway.

My opinion is that on the guides we should show SQL as generated by SQLite as this is the default database on new Rails apps.


That guide lacks a warning I think we have somewhere else.

Point is, different adapters may generate SQL different even in little
details like quoting column names.

It is good that a note at the beginning mentions this. Then the guide
should choose an adapter in the same note, tell the reader, and stick
to that one in SQL examples. The natural one in my view is SQLite,
because it is Rails' default.