Rails Developer

Kinfo is a well-funded start-up located in South Park, San Francisco. We’re building a great consumer service that people will love. We’ve got a great team, and a collaborative environment filled with smart, passionate people.

We are looking for a highly motivated, self-directed full-stack web developer to join our tightly knit team. Experience with Ruby, Rails and Javascript is desirable, but if you have other OO and web programming experience and learn quickly we can get you up to speed. We believe strongly in TDD/BDD and are committed to RSpec and RSpec stories, but as humans we know that 100% code coverage is an ideal, not dogma. On the front end we use Prototype, Scriptaculous, and Low Pro (yes, we know jQuery is the one our mother wishes we had married). On the back end we use MySQL, AWS and SQS. In the middle, of course, is Rails (currently 2.1.0, we're up to date, but not so edgy as to use Edge).

We manage our process using Scrum. We do our best to limit overhead, protect developers from distractions, and keep the focus on making a great product from top to bottom. You'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. The engineering team does a comprehensive code review at the end of each sprint, so you will benefit from our experience and we from yours.

Developers have pride of place in our Victorian office near South Park with a sunny "Dev Parlor" in front and a couch-filled "Conference Parlor" in the back. Our office manager keeps our larder stocked with fruit, sweet & salty snacks, and sodas. We have mastered the subtleties of brewing Blue Bottle coffee, which we keep in plentiful supply. We also mix it up by spending some days teleworking at home or in cafes, as suits the needs of our individual team members.

Salary and stock options are competitive and we offer great health and dental insurance. If interested, please send your resume to Kinfo.Jobs +eb@gmail.com