Rails Developer for hire, remote


My name is Alexander. I'm passionate about learning new stuff and building things. I have experience designing UI/UX for 4 years and rails development for 1.2 years . I've build and deployed bunch my own rails apps to Heroku and Linode.com. As being student at TeamTreehouse.com won the 3 forum contests to build a rails blogging app: http://karma-blogger.herokuapp.com/ to build a picture gallery with AWS for file storage: http://treehouse-picture.herokuapp.com/ and a ruby Tic Tac Toe game for two plyers: https://github.com/alexbtlv/tic_tac_toe

I’m familiar with git version control, AWS, JS, SASS, Coffee, jQuery, Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap, mySQL, PostgresQL, rspec. Currently diving into: AngularJS and Rails REST API.

Thank you for your time! I’ll be happy to hear from you, my social liks:

https://twitter.com/Alexbtlv https://github.com/alexbtlv

hire me here: https://www.elance.com/s/alexbatalov/