Rails console, saving objects

I was reading a book and following the instructions in it.

class Story < ActiveRecord::Base; end

=> nil

story = Story.new

=> #<Story id: nil, name: nil, url: nil, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>


=> Story(id: integer, name: string, link: string, created_at: datetime, updated_at: datetime)

I do not remember me asking for id, name, link or url, created_at and updated_at.

At some point you must have created a "stories" table in your database with those fields. Rails (technically ActiveRecord) finds this based on the name of your class (singular version of the table by default).

I do know if I typed craeted_at instead of created_at or updetad_at instead of updated_at. How do I check whether i typed it right or wrong?

It should complain about the method not being there.

From the Rails console, I had to create a story class, one instance of it and save the object, but I created two, so I got a 2 output for a story.id input. How do I remove the second object from the database?


Note that that '2' is the *id* of the record you want to remove. Has nothing to do with it being the 'second' object.