Rails Conf 2007 Registration is open

That's a milder way of putting it than first occurred to me. The hefty price increase will probably keep me home this year. Even with a 15% discount as an attendee last year plus a 40% discount as an employee at a non-profit organization, it would cost me 2x as much to attend this year as last!


Craig Demyanovich wrote:

Jay Krugn wrote:

> Sweet macaroni, $645.00 early registration is a bit pricey huh.

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That's a milder way of putting it than first occurred to me.

Yeah, it costs about 6 hours of coding in Rails. right?


I will agree it's not cheap, but it's certainly not "hefty". There are plenty of other tech conferences costing several times more than RailsConf (see MySQL and Web 2.0 conf for starters). Plus, at 55% off your only paying $400. $100 a day - not bad for tech training.

At least it's not in some remote, exotic location that costs $1k just to fly to...

Anyways, just my $0.02.

Hey, I'm in Belgium :wink:

Well, the discounts don't stack, you can take a 15% or a 40%, but not both.

In any case, the airfare and hotel (and dinners) will come to more than the conference itself. Not a bad deal overall. I don't know why they even bother having a "Regular" rate -- the "Early Birds" are all there are, right? :wink:

Strangely, I registered for RailsConf2006 on 2/2/2006 and now RailsConf2007 on 2/2/2007. Is there some Groundhog tie-in to Rails that I've missed?


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Very true. But the base price increase over last year ($200) is 322.5% (early bird @ $645) or 397.5% (standard @ $795)! Seems very hefty to me. Maybe I'm just cranky, though, because the total price (conf. + travel + hotel) is beyond my budget right now.


Sorry everyone; looks like I botched my math by using $200 instead of $400 as the base price for RailsConf 2006. The corrected increases are 161.25% (early bird) and 198.75% (standard). Definitely not as hefty as I thought.