Rails Commenting, Plugins?


I'm looking to add comments to records in my app like Books. So a user
can view a Book and then comment on it...

As a newbie, is this something that I should build from scratch, or
are there any popular Commenting Plug-ins, (Ajax implemented) that
might be worth utilizing?


acts_as_commentable would take care of all the model work for you. You still need to do the controller and view, so you could make it ajaxy.

I often like to peruse http://ruby-toolbox.com/ before I add anything to a web app I haven't done before.


Thanks Luke, I hadn't heard of that site before - looks helpful

i dont recommend ajaxing comment since you will need captcha or/and a comment publishing page, if you go with instant post/ajax , prepare for millions of spam comments.

What does using AJAX or not have to do with whether or not you use a
CAPTCHA process?
It's perfectly feasible to have an comment form with some form of
Turing test which submits with AJAX and displays a "thanks, your
comment will appear when approved" message.

“What does using AJAX or not have to do with whether or not you use a
CAPTCHA process?”

because some bots will bypass the captcha, and he will need a publishing page where he can delete those spams that get through because captcha alone is not enough so at the end captcha is only an aid to stop most of the spam but not all.

Any bots that can bypass an AJAX captcha could bypass the same captcha
on a non-AJAX submission.
And AJAX or not, the choice is up to you whether to have a
"publishing/approval" page.

Again - There's nothing special about AJAX that makes any
implementation of a "commentable" feature inherently less secure. It's
*exactly* the same as a normal form submission/process procedure, just
performed by Javascript and in the background to the user.

my point was that is you have a °publishing/approval" page there is no use for ajax.

Unless the comment form is a small component of the page, and you
don't want to reload the whole page when the user makes a comment, and
you do want to pop up a nice transitional effect and notification when
they do.... you know, the stuff AJAX makes all pretty...

Your original reply implied that there was something inherently
insecure about using AJAX methods - this is *not* the case. They're as
secure or insecure as you make them.

yes , think there is a language barrier and some of my ideas dont get through the way i want them to.

I for example use ajax to update comments that i publish/approve, but not for instant update.

By instant update i mean, displaying the comment without the need for approval

I agree - that's a crazy thing to do! (AJAX or not :wink: