Rails App Images fail to render with Apache2 Server


Rails app works fine using WEBrick, (localhost:3000) but when using
Apache2 (localhost:80), all images on page fail to render.

Apache2 error_log reports:
[error] [client] File does not exist:
Rails log/development.log does not report any error.

DocumentRoot "/srv/www/htdocs"

I am working through the DEPOT app in the Agile Web Development with
Rails book. If anyone has come across this 'problem' before, please


The Apache config is correct as all the depot pages are working except
for the images -- they are not displaying using Apache.

Thanks to a 'Note About Links and Static Content' on the wiki
"HowtoUseSymLinksToGraftRailsOntoYourWebsite", after reading it I
switched to using using Rails' 'image_tag' , instead of HTML '<img src=
... ' as follows:
<%= image_tag product.image_url, :alt => "", :size => "60x70" %>
instead of
<img width="60" height="70" src="<%= product.image_url %>" />
The images are now displaying with WEBrick and Apache servers.