Rails and PHP with Webservices

Having read some material and made some small progress I wanted to share some ideas and see if they make sense. Basically when users enter the site they will be in the PHP end of the application. I would need Rails to receive the link the are requesting. This is step one. Based on that scenario, then I think I need to have Rails as a web services client with the PHP sending the request.

Secondly, I would send back the data requested in a partial but render the header and footers from PHP along with the partial in Rails. In this case I think PHP needs to be a client ?

So far all I’ve got is

layout “application”, :except => [:restserver]

def restserver url = “http://domain.ipaddress/index/@result = Net::HTTP.get(URI(url)) end

Then displaying the page. <%= @result %>

Well it’s a little step. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.