Rails 4.1


Is there a release date for 4.1? I’m starting a new project for the company I work for, and I want to use the new enums feature.

Best regards!

Go ahead and use Rails 4.1 now.

gem install rails --pre

If you find any bugs, please file them as issues :slight_smile:

Hello Sergio,

the rc1 is out, and basecamp is running 4.1 in production for some time already, so you should definitely start your new project with it! :slight_smile:

There might be a new rc in the upcoming days depending on the regressions we find, and then the final version coming after that (assuming no more regressions are found). So please, try the new rc and let us know if it’s all good or you find any issues.


Great, thanks! I’ll start with RC1

I'd also advise you to take a look at native enum types if you are using PostgreSQL. You might prefer that approach over the enum implementation used by ActiveRecord (mapping enums to numeric types in the application side only):


Also, if you're intending to use ActionController::Live or template streaming in your application right now, I'd suggest you to wait for 4.1 final as I've reported a few bugs related to those in the last few weeks that affect 4.1.0 RC1.

Good luck,