Rails 4.0 Example app

Thank you for the suggestion, yes of course I would have given up years ago without RBs fantastically clear material.

However edit multiple does not work on multi-level nested attributes. Yet edit a single multi-level nested attribute (using update_attributes) works fine.

My main point is that of newcomer accessibility. TDD may make a development more agile but there is nothing better than an example app that exercises all the simple/minimum/core functionality and use-cases.

Just how long do you think it would take a true expert involved in edge rails development to write a small app ?

I suspect that it does’nt exist because it is too hard to do.

Another point is that an example app is like a picture being worth a thousand words. It proceeds the documentation lag and displays a best practice approach that is clearly comprehensible by a much broader ability level.

I would gladly write one and give it back to the community if I could get it all to work and if I was sure that my approach was in line with the current version of rails best practice.

An example app should execute without error and be a minimum requirement before a new release is issued. This is another example where TDD has pushed out verifying the basic use-case requirements.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I am almost at the end of my tether after giving up on rails 2.x, starting again on 3, and again on 3.2 and now on 4.0.0.beta1. Rails is becoming so agile that you are lucky to complete an application before the next version is released.

Just one last time - can anyone knock out a simple app displaying core use-cases I have highlighted ?

Sounds like it could be helpful. Go for it!