Rails 3 skip_before_filter


I am having trouble with an app I am upgrading to Rails 3 where the
skip_before_filter I have in a controller does not work.

Looking at the rails 3 docs http://api.rubyonrails.org/

I can't find any mention of skip_before_filter anymore.

Does anyone know if the behavior of skip_before_filter has been
changed in Rails 3 and why it is not in the docs anymore?


Try skip_filter(*names, &blk) instead.

Thanks Daniel

I had tried skip_filter

So I tried again and discovered the problem.

In rails 2.3.x

skip_before_filter could take an array of symbols

In rails 3 it can not


Rails 2.3.x the following works but does not work in rails 3

skip_before_filter [:domain_and_site, :multisite_scope, :redirect_to_main_domain]

skip_filter [:domain_and_site, :multisite_scope, :redirect_to_main_domain]

In rails 3 they need to be as follows

skip_before_filter :domain_and_site, :multisite_scope, :redirect_to_main_domain

skip_filter :domain_and_site, :multisite_scope, :redirect_to_main_domain