[Rails 3] Routing Error ... but the route is open ... (not the 66 !)

I have in my routes.rb (I am using Devise authentification ...)
  devise_for :users, :singular => :user, :path => :user
  as :user do
    get "user/changeEmail", :to => "user/
credentials#change_email", :as => :user_changeEmail
    post "user/updateEmail", :to => "user/
credentials#update_email", :as => :user_updateEmail

running rake routes I can see :
   user_changePassword GET /user/changePassword
{:controller=>"user/credentials", :action=>"change_password"}
   user_updatePassword POST /user/updatePassword
{:controller=>"user/credentials", :action=>"update_password"}

user_changePassword_path display correctly the form

= form_for @user, :as => :user, :url =>
user_updatePassword_path, :html => {:method => :put} do |f|

and the submitting the form should send data to :url =>
but there is a routing error in the console