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Hi all am learning rails 3.2.8 and i found that in routes if i have a controller called User and i have 5 def a, def b,def c and def d. do i need to mention routes to each def because in 2.3.8 you no need to mention routes for each def but when i come to 3.2.8 i have to mention routes for each def in a controller like
match ‘user/new’ => ‘user#new’
match ‘user/create’ => ‘user#create’
such way for each def in a controller. is there any other way to write a routes so that you no need to mention routes for each def.


You can use the resources keyword.

any sample code plz

You can use resources in following three different ways.

resources :users

All the methods in Users controller will have routes defined if you add above line in your routes.rb file. For example users controller have method #index then you will be able to open the url http://localhost:3000/users.

resources :users, :only => [:show, :new, :create]

If you use the above line in routes.rb then you will be able to just use the show, new and create actions of your controller.

resources :users, :except => [:index, :update, :destroy]

By using the above line you will be able to use any action in your controller execpt index, update and destroy.

Thank you very much Mr.King

You are welcome. By the way does it solve your problem? As I am also a newbie in rails with 2-3 months experience.

Not quite - only the 7 standard actions (new / create / show / index / edit / update / destroy) will be routed. You can write URLs that look like they go to other actions (/users/some_other_thing) but they’ll actually be routed to the show action.

The Routing guide is a great reference for this stuff:


–Matt Jones

OK. Thanks.