[Rails 3] How to refer to birthday(1i) in a AR

Hi , there , first of all i wanna to express my regard to the Rails 3
dev. team's effort ,
the work is really amazing ! Really speed up a lot the performance !!

Well , i still a rookie guy and have a question for ask T_T :

i have two association ARs : User has_one Account , and i have used
accepts_nested_forms for get all create up for only one line of code
in view
: @user = User.new(params[:user]

until this part i have done with the tutorial of RailsCast

However , in my Account AR , there is a birthdate colum ,
( t.date :birthdate in the migration)
, i have used the date_select helper to generate the corresponding
html code , and
get the return values : year , month , day with birthday(1i) ,
birthday(2i) , birthday(3i)
, i have tried to use the virtual attribute in the Account AR for
combine all these values ,
but i can't refer them with
attr_accessor :"birthday(1i)", :"birthday(2i)" , :"birthday(3i)".

I don't know if there is another solution for kind of this , or
another way to get my objective:
get date(year, month, day) from html and combine name all in a
birthday value for save @_@??

Thx in advance !

You shouldn't need to - as long as you use date_select (with the
attribute name birthdate) and then pass that into User.new (or
User.update_attributes etc.) activerecord will do the work of sticking
the individual parameters back together to get a Date object


Thx a lot , that's true , it just was my mistake ...