Rails 3 + ajax partial send data (:with or :submit removed)

since the rails version 3, and the refactoring of the javascript
integration (Unobtrusive JavaScript) and also of the helper method
link_to_remote => link_to(url, :remote => true)

It seems the parameters :submit and :with have been removed. So it not
possible anymore to send data like the old way

<div id="remote_message" style="display:none"></div>

<div id="create_input">
  <label>Movie name</label>
  <input type="text" name="create_movie_name" id="create_movie_name"
value="" />

<%= link_to_remote "Create movie",
  {:url=>'/movie/create', :submit=>"create_input",
    :failure=>'handleCreateFailure(request);' },
  {:id=>'create_movie_link_id'} %>

read this article for more details

I try with the new helper link_to (in remote mode) to send data with
the old attributes (:submit and :with)

I would like to achieve this in rails 3 WAY. Do you have any idea ???

PS: I can t believe the rails team remove this feature without replace
it !!!
PS: There is no gem/plugin release ? Maybe i shoud create one smile

Thks for your future replies