Rails 3.0, setting asset_host class

I am upgrading to Rails 3.0, but am having a difficult time getting it to boot. I have a custom asset host class that passes the name of the asset host into its constructor. I set this class in each of the environment configuration file. For instance, in development.rb, I have:

ActionController::Base.asset_host = AssetHostingWithSsl.new("http:// asset%d.awesomeapp.local")

However, when trying to get rails to load, I get the following error:

"uninitialized constant AssetHostingWithSsl (NameError)"

I have asset_hosting_with_ssl.rb with the class definition in the lib directory, which should be in the load path.

Any ideas?

As of Rails 3, the lib directory isn't autoloaded. You can either require the file manually where you need it, or tell Rails to autoload lib (in environment.rb), or create a new directory for autoloaded files tell Rails to autoload that.


Ok, thanks. I think I'll put it in an initializer, actually, as that's where it seems most of the configuration is headed to.