Rails 3.0 Fleximage Error Errno::EACCES


I'm using Fleximage on my website so users can upload avatars. I
recently upgraded to Rails 3.0 and switched host to slicehost.com. I
successfully installed imagemagick and the gems rmagick and fleximage.
Everything seems to be working fine except when I try to edit my account
and upload an avatar. After selecting an avatar and click the update
account button I get the following error:

Errno::EACCES (Permission denied -
  app/controllers/accounts_controller.rb:103:in `update'

Now I've been stumped on this. I looked at my permissions for
/root/public_html/biomixr/tmp and they are 755.

I in turn ran the command: mkdir /root/public_html/biomixr/tmp/fleximage
to create the fleximage folder.

I then tried to upload an avatar again and this is the error I get next:

Errno::EACCES (Permission denied -
  app/controllers/accounts_controller.rb:103:in `update'

So I am really confused on what is going on.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.