Rails 2.3 HTTP parameter extraction order

In the docs for ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper#check_box, when
discussing why the method adds a hidden input tag _after_ the checkbox
tag, it says

  "...Rails parameters extraction always gets the first occurrence of
any given key..."

I'm not sure this is still the case. I have a situation where I am
forced to use check_box_tag and hidden_tag. My code worked properly
in 2.2; however, upon migration to 2.3, the code doesn't work until I
move the hidden tags before the check-boxes. It does the same thing
in the latest versions of Safari 3.2 and Firefox 3.0. I checked the
HTTP traffic and the HTTP POST requests do have the parameters in the
proper order (i.e. the browsers are working correctly).

Can anybody else confirm this issue?

Indeed it changed in 2.3 but unfortunately the patch didn't update the
docs. We noticed this a few days ago, they are correct now in edge.

If someone prepares a patch against 2.3 and opens a LH ticket with it
I'll apply it. Please submit the link to this thread so that I see it
for sure.



Excellent, applied. And welcome! :slight_smile: