Rails 1.2.0 RC2 duplicate lines Simian Report

I have been evaluating the excellent and super fast Similarity Analyser
by Red Hill Consulting to generate a duplicate lines reports from Rails
1.2.0 RC2 source code (excluding the tests) with a threshold of 6

It works great except that simian treats successive "end" as dupplicate
lines :-((( such as:
172 end
173 end
174 end
175 end
176 end

I am working on some code to remove these lines from the report. I
thought I could share with the community a first version so I can get
some feeback to improve the tool.

I have written some code to generate an html report with links to the
track source code browser
(http://dev.rubyonrails.org/browser/branches/1-2-pre-release/) for each
duplicate block.

Full report with checkout from 17/01/2007 on