For what it's worth, I use RadRails on both Linux and Windows. But, lately, I've been using RoRED on my Windows laptop, as it is much leaner and faster. -Larry

I tried all of them ( except RubyInSteel, I have it, and even sterted it in my VS session, but not played) and I found that no one is providing autocomplete. I am still waiting if someone will implement it. As well I am missing built-in possibility to use scp/sftp sessions to work with remote files on my Linux box LXR-like code browsing - I gonna be happy.

All the Best! Serge.

Larry Kelly wrote:

Install the jEdit FTP plugin from the Plugin Manager window…it does sftp out of the box.

  • Jake


Thanks a lot for the clue. I never used jEdit before ( even I heard about it a lot ), I just downloaded it, and installing different plug-ins. It looks quite nice. I am going to play with it, and I will share my thoughts and feelings about doing RoR jEdit way.

All the Best! Sergey.

Jake Cutter wrote:

As most people understand it, that's not autocomplete. You can call it macros or snippets or whatever.

Real autocompletion means that things like method names will automatically available and completed as references to them are typed, without having to predefine anything except the method itself.

It's a subtle difference, but important enough to keep straight.

-- James

Eric wrote:

RoRED has autocomplete but you have to write what will be the shorcuts for what code...

    This is different. This is not real auto-complete.

    Okay. I tried jEdit, and I was impressed by it. It has SFTP and it has autocomplete I wanted. And it's surprisingly quite fast.

All the Best! Sergey.

I am thinking about some hack, around ruby interpreter. when you do ruby -c it complies the code but not executes it. If you can get that execution tree, you will have an complete information for Intellisense.

All the Best! Sergey.

Huw Collingbourne wrote:


You are doing the very good job by making your RiS. The problem is that your product can be used only on VS which is not multi-platform. In this case I more interested in jEdit with SFTP plugin, or even better in VIM plugin with the idea I just shared in my previous email, with Intellisense feature via hacking the Ruby parser unit.

I am most of my time using the text console on remote server.

All the Best! Sergey.

Huw Collingbourne wrote:


Huw Collingbourne wrote:

Sergey Kuznetsov wrote:   


You are doing the very good job by making your RiS. The problem is that your product can be used only on VS which is not multi-platform.      The Ruby applications developed using Ruby In Steel are not platform dependent, however. We have made no modifications to the Ruby interpreter or toolset so any apps you create with Ruby In Steel have the same cross-platform portability as all others.        I was not talking about the Ruby application code itself. I was talking about the VS as a development platform which is not platform-independent.     In this case Eclipse is have more chances to be more popular then VS, because it is platform-independent and has the same features as a VS has, and second of all Eclipse if free and anyone can make a plugin for Eclipse as well as anyone can download it for free.

    I do understand that you are making commercial product and you probably have a family you have to feed like I do but open-source just changed the way ow making business in the software area, now we as a programmers have to find different models of selling business, not directly on the software.

I am not convincing you to move out of the model you choose but just shared my feelings about the profession I spent 23 years on and I see how it changes. At this moment it more profitable to be in hardware sales and in support than to be a programmer. It looks like we are going back to the sixties-seventies when software was just a free addition to the hardware :slight_smile:

All the Best! Sergey.

Not all Eclipse plug-ins are free (as-in speech or beer).