R4Rails book is losing me

Hi --

I've spent this past week reading the Ruby4Rails book, and for the most part, it's great. After the initial introduction on rails, and the indepth ruby information, it takes me back to the rails stuff, which i was looking forward to all week :slight_smile: However, it soon becomes hard to follow and seems to miss steps out? All of a sudden, I'm told to have the composer.country in my view, but my composer model doesn't know about a country(easy enough to fix i know). but then there are other similar things which help my lose my way again.

The composer table has a 'country' column -- so every composer automatically has a country attribute that can be retrieved with composer.country and set with composer.country = "France" (plus composer.save). That's part of the coolness of ActiveRecord: every column in the table becomes an attribute of the corresponding Ruby object.

Maybe I just need to take a day or two away from reading it, then go back to it fresh. Failing that, are there any other materials I might read before going back to this, to become more familiar with rails?

You could look at Agile Web Development with Rails, which is sort of the inverse of my book (in terms of Ruby/Rails ratio) and therefore complements it very well. But by all means keep reading R4R, and feel free to bring up any puzzlements you encounter.