Quick question - what should I read?


I'm designing a 'disposable app' for keeping a log of things. Let's say I have a model 'user' that has many 'posts' and let's say there are 'topics' that have many 'posts'. Now, I'd like to be able to have URLs like app/[user_name] which will have all the stuff related to the user and app/[topic_name] that will have all the items in that topic.

What's a good place to start reading about what I need to know? I don't want to know the solution (yet) but just want to know what I should read to understand this area of work.

Thanks Mohit.

The generic answer is "go read about routes." You can find info on the web, and the Agile book covers this topic pretty well.

Your specific requirement may have to be tweaked a little bit though, if there's a chance that a user name and topic name could ever be the same.

You can very easy do something like: app/user/user_name app/topic/topic_name

... assuming that user_name and topic_name are some unique values.

-- James

JDL wrote:

Hey all!

I've found that when i call

    page.visual_effect :blindDown, 'element'

on an element that is busy doing so already, it does a partial paint only, and the bottom of the element gets clipped off. The only way to get a full print again seems to be a page refresh

Is this something that is easily fixed or to be made peace with :]

Thanks in advance! Gustav Paul gustav@rails.co.za