Quick question regarding params...


I currently am using acts as tree for building site navigation. When a new page is added to the site, a select option with the include blank option gets populated to determine the correct parent for the new page. I would like the blank option to be set to 0 for root status.

I tried creating a quick test in the controller to see if the params[:parent_id] is nil and then assigning a 0 to it but it did not work. Can anyone offer any help with this?


You can construct the options yourself, and insert the blank option manually with array addition:

  f.select :parent_id, [['', 0]] + select_parent_options

Where select_parent_options is a helper like:

  def select_parent_options     Page.find(:all).collect do |p|       [p.title, p.id]     end   end

Ah ha! Thanks, I was trying this but added the ['', 0] to the actual select helper, this helps a ton!