quick DIV alignment question - for putting a "<remaining session time = ><value updated via AJAX>" horizontal alignment in header


Can anyone suggest how to get a simple horizontal alignment of DIVs in my header?

  • horizontally align DIVs which will contain text so that they are seemless

  • output would be " session remaining time = 22 seconds | anonymous | login | register"

  • div view would be

The problem I’m having is working out how to float/align these so that they are:

  • overall centered in the header
  • bumped up one another so it looks like they are just one text sentence

I thought of returning the whole text from the AJAX updates however because I have other items horizontally within that header strip I wanted to work out how to just get one piece of the header strip to be a DIV so that I can target this for the AJAX updates.

Thanks in advance

Probably better off using a list.


Good article there that will get you what you want and degrades nicely in
older browsers.


thanks Curtis - I’ll try to digest this today :slight_smile: [I probably need to buy a good CSS reference book too]