Question on assethost and cross-domain problems


I have a rails-system running on swiftiply with 10 mongrels and serving the static data on apache. The swiftiply url is something like "", the asset host is "".

In most cases it runs fine, but some parts cause crossdomain errors.

One is a redirect in an ajax-call. On FF2 it does no redirection and tells me that its not allowed. If i change swiftiply-url to "" it works.

The other problem appeares with TinyMCE. It works in FF3, but in IE6,7 and FF2 it not initializes the editor. So i have to serve TinyMCE with swiftiply/mongrel and this is not so fast.

So my question is if someone knows about these errors and a workaround. It would be nice if you can help. Thanks, marcw