[question]How to install rubygem-cobbler

  I am newcomer and also a freshman to Ruby.
  Would anyone have the experience about installing rubygem-cobbler?
  I tried to run some ruby programs.It prompts "Could not find Ruby
Gem cobbler(>= 0)(Gem::LoadError)".But I had tried "yum install" and
to download cobbler files.They all don't work.
  Would anyone give some advice?

You could use

gem install cobbler --source <url> --include-dependencies

where url points to the source of the cobbler gem. Make sure you have
installed gem first.

Alternately you could add the repository from where you would like gem
to pull out cobbler, to the gem sources. After that do a `gem env`
just to make sure that the repository is among the sources. After that
running `gem install cobbler` should work.

Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:
I have resolved my problem.
After installing the cobbler rpm ,run "rpm -ql rubygem-cobbler",and
the first line gives the path of rubygem-cobbler.
Then run "gem install cobbler path --include-denpendencies".

Another question:
Could you please give me some details about changing gem repository?



Try running a `gem help commands`. You will get an overview of all
things you can do with gem.

Then you can do a `gem help sources` which gives the following :slight_smile:

Usage: gem sources [options]

    -a, --add SOURCE_URI Add source
    -l, --list List sources
    -r, --remove SOURCE_URI Remove source
    -c, --clear-all Remove all sources (clear the
    -u, --update Update source cache

  Common Options:
    -h, --help Get help on this command
    -V, --[no-]verbose Set the verbose level of output
    -q, --quiet Silence commands
        --config-file FILE Use this config file instead of
        --backtrace Show stack backtrace on errors
        --debug Turn on Ruby debugging

    Manage the sources and cache file RubyGems uses to search for gems


Now you can add/remove any repositories from your gem sources.

Thanks,amrita! :slight_smile:
You indeed give a prompt help. :slight_smile: