Question about Rails development environment


It sounds to me as if your IDE previewing browser may have an issue
displaying SWFs. Which IDE do you use for developing Rails apps? Have
you tried running your app with an external browser like Firefox or
Internet explorer? Maybe you have to reinstall your flash plugin?

As far as I know, Webrick and mongrel servers (and servers in general)
don't have any problems serving swf files. SWF files are just files that
get downloaded to your PC and the browser then uses a plug in to play

Eric Soliz wrote:

Thank you for the reply. Currently I do not use an IDE that has
previewing browser capability. I edit my files in Microsoft Visual
Studio for now. My problem is running any .rhtml file with flash in it
through webrick or mongrel. When I do this the IE browser hangs,
everything else loads up fine except the .swf file. The .rhtml has no
ruby in it. When I take the same file and put a .html extension and run
it locally on my machine in IE the flash movie loads up fine. This is
why I thought it might be related to the webrick, mongrel server
deployed with rails. I liked your idea with reinstalling the flash
plugin but if the flash works locally as a .html and not as a .rhtml I
would think the plugin is ok. Maybe a permission problem with webrick,
mongrel? Don't know.

ga rg wrote:

I think , it may be src in your flash swf. your browser display good
this file with .html then it also display it good in .rhtml, not problem
with this file. But mongrel and webrick is server and server need your
local file is correct.
I think it can not display because that

Eric Soliz wrote: